Every Edition includes Two Printed Volumes, a Workbook, an eBook CD, an Audio Book CD, a Template CD and Two 11x17 Color Posters which will all be shipped to you when you order this system.

HOW IT WORKS: These components are specifically designed to help you learn all the MCS3 strategies in 30 lessons by using our simple 4 Step Process:

Step 1) Spend 20 minutes a day studying one MSC3 lesson in either the printed book, eBook or AudioBook.

Step 2) Learn to apply the MSC3 strategies in the lesson by using the Exercises & Templates in the Workbook

Step 3) Begin applying the MSC3 strategies to your classes, homework, tests and other schoolwork.

Step 4) Repeat Steps 1-3 for the next lesson. After 30 days you will have learned the entire system.

  • Volume 1

    Volume 1

    With 266 pages and 41 color illustrations is packed with practical techniques and tools.

  • Volume 2

    Volume 2

    With 184 pages and 27 color illustrations is packed with many techniques and tools.

  • Personal Workbook

    Personal Workbook

    68 color pages filled with useful templates, tear-outs, exercises and checklists.

  • eBoook CD

    eBook CD

    An eBook version of all printed materials allowing you to use this system on the electronic device of your choice.

  • Audio Book CD

    Audio Book CD

    An Audio Book version of all volumes allowing you to listen to this powerful system on your iPod or MP3 player.

  • Template CD

    Template CD

    Delivering the power of templates, guides, tear-outs, exercises and checklists for your repeated use.

  • Two 11x17 Color Posters

    Two 11x17 Color Posters

    Dynamic posters that visualize many of the strategies for better retention and consistent use.


  • The 4 Keys to Success

    The 4 Keys to Success

    • 15 ways to amp up your attitude
    • 8-steps to create your success blueprint
    • 11 powerful tips to get motivated
    • Eliminate procrastination for good
  • The 4 Laws of Achievement

    The 4 Laws of Achievement

    • 7 powerful prioritization strategies
    • 17 proven techniques to seize every minute
    • 4 methods to double your productivity
    • 7-step process for decision-making precision

  • The Memory Advantage

    The Memory Advantage

    • Memory effects grades more than IQ
    • 8 memory myth-busters
    • 9 techniques to recall simpler and faster
    • 7 methods to master lists and numbers
    • 5 tricks for your memory toolkit
  • The 6 Master Keys to Learn

    The 6 Master Keys to Learn

    • Use your learning style to tailor your study habits
    • 21 problem-solving strategies for success
    • 7-step remarkable research process
    • 9 proven techniques to read for results
    • 6-step writing system to banish writer's block
    • 14 ways to fight the fear of public speaking

  • Achieve More with Less

    Achieve More with Less

    • Improve your learning retention by 95%
    • 17 active listening tricks to boost grades
    • 8 ninja note-taking strategies
    • 14 expert homework tips and techniques
    • 21 study secrets from straight A students
  • Winning Formula to Ace Tests

    Winning Formula to Ace Tests

    • Prevent panic with 12 test prep skills
    • Ace every test with the 3-part test prep system
    • 10 effective ways to conquer test anxiety
    • 41 terrific test taking strategies
    • More than 100 tips for specific test types

  • Grade Boosting Dos

    Grade Boosting Dos

    • 4 Secrets to rise to the very top
    • 23 skills to use outside the classroom
    • 18 strategies to blow the competition away
    • Unleash your potential and learn like a genius
  • Complete with

    Complete with

    • 100's of callouts, samples and examples
    • 20 effective templates designed for students
    • 12 breakthrough practice drills
    • Standardized test guides

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