Many students have the habit of studying with music. Furthermore, some students believe that studying and listening to music is a productive combination. This prompts some questions. Does studying with music help increase a student’s concentration? Is studying with music good or bad? The following looks at the pros and cons of studying with music in an effort to help students learn more information about the practice. Ultimately, every student should figure out his or her own answer to the question: Is it good to study with music?

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Studying with Music: Good or Bad?


First, some music and studying research shows that students who study while listening to classical music tend to absorb more information. In short, classical music has the power to stimulate a student’s thinking. Consequently, if a student is playing classical music and studying, then he or she is likely absorbing a lot during study sessions. In addition, playing classical music and studying tends to be relaxing in nature. Not surprisingly, a student is able to learn more in a relaxed state of mind.

Another positive of studying with music is that it keeps a student awake. In some cases, if a student studies without music he or she has a tendency to zone out or maybe even fall asleep. Studying with music can put a student into a rhythm that helps him or her to move through assignments and material. As long as the music is not grating or too loud, studying and music can go hand in hand.

Studying with music can also prepare a student for a certain type of study. For instance, whenever a student has a history test, he or she may decide to study with music by a particular artist. Therefore, whenever the student hears music by that artist, he or she is ready to work on the subject of history. In short, studying and listening to music doesn’t have to involve random choices of music. Students can create a routine regarding their studying and music selection.


Of course, there are some cons to the habit of listening to music and studying. Different students have varying answers to the question: ‘Does studying with music help with concentration? For instance, some students may feel that listening to music and studying is counterproductive. Some students may find themselves paying more attention to the music than to their assignments. Also, listening to music and studying may divide a student’s attention so much so that he or she isn’t learning the necessary material in a thorough way. Does studying with music help? Not if a student isn’t able to focus on his or her homework.

Combining music and studying can cause a student’s thoughts to wander away from the work at hand. For instance, a student may hear a particular song and think about the first time he or she heard it. The student’s mind may wander to other songs by the same artist. In short, hearing a particular type of music can quickly turn the combination of music and studying into an unproductive idea.

A lot of music and studying research shows classical music and studying to be an effective combination. However, other types of music may not be a relaxing influence to a student during study time. A student who tries to study with music that is frenetic or overly stimulating may have a hard time concentrating on a chapter in a textbook. If a student plans to study with music, he or she should choose a type of music that is an aid to studying and not a hindrance. Music and studying can be a positive combination with the help of some soothing tunes.

Is It Good to Study with Music?

Studying with music, good or bad, is a habit that many students will continue to practice. Music and studying research shows that classical music can benefit a student’s study time. However, some students aren’t interested in studying and listening to music of the classical genre. Students should try the combination of studying and music to see if it works for them. Only then will they be able to offer an honest answer to the question: Is it good to study with music?

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