What is the SAT Test?

Students with aspirations of attending colleges and universities may be required to take the standardized aptitude test (SAT), also known as the SAT Reasoning Test. While some colleges and universities allow students to take the ACT, the majority require the submission of satisfactory SAT scores. The SAT test originated in 1901, when the College Board administered the exam to less than one thousand students. The College Board continues its role as the overseeing body of the SAT test, along with an array of other standardized tests. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) serves as the designing and publishing body of the SAT test. The SAT test has undergone major changes in the last century, largely to accommodate the testing process for students and the educational system.

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What is the SAT Test Sections?

The SAT Reasoning Test consists of three sections, including mathematics, critical reading, and writing. Students can earn a maximum score of eight hundred and a minimum score of two hundred in each section. The College Board calculates the sum of all three sections to determine the final score, usually in the form of a percentile. Students who desire acceptance from a top-ranking Ivy League university must obtain high scores on the SAT Reasoning Test. The mathematics section of the SAT test consists of multiple-choice and grid-in questions. The critical reading section requires test takers to read short passages, and choose the correct oval on the answer sheet. Students must also fill in the blanks to incomplete sentences. The writing section requires the test taker to identify faulty sentence errors, choose the right sentence phrases, and edit existing paragraphs for clarity. Students must demonstrate higher than average writer ability on the essay portion of the SAT test.

What SAT Test Prep Materials Will Help Me At EduNova?

EduNova provides a broad selection of study materials, including some that may be helpful when studying for the SAT test. Practice makes perfect; EduNova offers the MCS3 student success system, which typically improves a student’s grade point average (GPA) by over 21 percent in 90 days, with the continued effort and full attention of the student. EduNova enables students to master the SAT test with minimal hassle. The MCS3 system includes multiple volumes of illustrated guides, tear-outs, exercises, checklists, techniques, and other tools to help students prepare for the SAT test.

Practice questions enable students to understand the material included on the SAT test. Practice tests allow students to simulate the exam experience while sitting in the classroom. EduNova provides general educational materials that may be applied to the SATs, to make the academic experience a successful one. Students may liberally choose other SAT test prep resources to help maximize their learning experience; however, EduNova provides an excellent starting point to get the grade they deserve!
What SAT Test Tips Should Students Take to Get a Good Score on the SAT test?

Students can incorporate several SAT test tactics to help perform better on exam day. For instance, students can learn the section directions before entering the classroom. In other words, students should reserve a little time to work on SAT test practice questions and their corresponding directions. While answering these SAT test practice questions, students should attempt to answer the easiest first. As the students finish their exam, they can quickly return to the skipped questions they marked earlier. Skim for glaring errors in the answer sheet. Write in the SAT test booklet by crossing out the wrong answers and doing scratch work. Carefully fill in the grid-in questions on the mathematics portion of the SAT test. Avoid making stray marks on the answer sheet, because the grading machine cannot distinguish between a correct answer and a careless mistake. Always use a timer when answering SAT test practice questions. Students who simulate a real exam experience will gain the most on exam day.

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