Reading comprehension skills are important for students of all ages. Students who have developed reading comprehension skills are able to understand and remember the material that they read. Not surprisingly, excellent reading comprehension skills come in handy while studying for a test, writing a report or creating a project for class. Outside of school, strong reading comprehension skills can help a person to get more enjoyment out of a novel or better understand an article in a magazine. There are plenty of reasons for improving reading comprehension skills. The following looks at some helpful reading comprehension strategies for students of all ages.

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Improve Reading Comprehension by Rewording Paragraphs

When reading an assignment for a class, a student may run into a few paragraphs that are hard to understand. In many cases, it’s helpful for a student to restate a paragraph in his or her own words. In essence, a student can improve his or her understanding of the paragraph by putting it in more familiar terms. In addition, to improving reading comprehension, this strategy can help a student to remember the important information in a paragraph.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension with Note-Taking

Another way for a student to improve reading comprehension is to take notes while reading a chapter from a textbook. This helps students to understand and absorb what they are reading. Taking notes while reading also gives students a chance to think about the reading material. Furthermore, these notes can be helpful when studying for a quiz or exam.

Create Questions Related to a Reading Assignment

One of the most effective reading comprehension strategies is to write down a few questions before beginning a reading assignment. A student can come up with some good questions by skimming the paragraphs of the reading. The questions should center on the main ideas, as well as the pertinent details of the reading. Students may also want to create some questions that help them become familiar with new vocabulary within the assignment. These questions help to improve reading comprehension by prompting students to search for answers as they are reading. A student who actively focuses on what he or she is reading is learning how to improve reading comprehension.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension with the Help of a Highlighter

A highlighter can be a great tool for improving reading comprehension. In fact, a highlighter plays a part in many reading comprehension strategies. A student who highlights significant points or vocabulary words within a reading is more likely to remember them later on. Also, students are able to review what they have read by looking at their highlights. An important step for a student who wants to improve reading comprehension is to learn how to recognize significant points and terms within a reading assignment.

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