The PSAT writing section challenges a student’s ability to identify sentence errors, correct sentences, and improve paragraph structure. The PSAT writing section closely resembles the multiple-choice format on the SAT II exam, thereby increasing the test-taker’s competence with practice before taking the major standardized exams. The PSAT writing section evaluates the test-takers ability to express ideas in standard American English, identify faulty sentence structure, and use language in the right context to convey meaning. Test-takers should not focus on learning grammar terms, definitions, pronunciation, or capitalization.

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Test-takers should follow and incorporate these PSAT writing tips before entering their classroom on exam day. The directions for PSAT writing questions centered on identifying sentence errors typically measure the test-taker’s knowledge of word choice, grammar, usage, and idiom. Each PSAT writing question contains no more than one correct answer. Some PSAT writing questions do not have any errors at all. Test-takers should beware that the majority of PSAT writing questions have an underlined or lettered error. Elements of a sentence not underlined or lettered do not call for changing. Test-takers should always exercise the fundamentals of standard American English when answering these questions. If an underlined sentence fragment exists, then choose the correct answer on the PSAT answer sheet. Students who have the insider’s PSAT writing tips know that they should circle “E” on their answer sheets for a question with no existing sentence error.

One of the most important PSAT writing tips that test-takers can follow when identifying sentence errors involves effective time management. In order to write effectively, test-takers need to read faster while still comprehending the directions and questions in front of them. Therefore, students should practice at home with a small timer to develop their reading skills before taking the PSAT writing section. In addition, students should spend time developing their writing skills before taking the PSAT essay portion of the exam.

EduNova produces one of the most comprehensive student success systems in the industry to help students perfect their writing and study skills. After students immerse themselves in the material contained in EduNova success system, they can start to learn how to improve sentences. The PSAT writing section evaluates the test-taker’s ability to choose the correct sentence structure. The creators of the PSAT writing section provide a question with a portion of the incorrect sentence underlined. The test-taker must choose the best of five answers, mainly the phrase that produces the most effective sentence. The best phrase will read clearly, exact, and without awkwardness. Students can use the EduNova student success system develop better writing skills before exam day. The test-taker who develops their PSAT writing skills will earn the highest score on the PSAT writing section.

The creators of the PSAT writing section intended to challenge the test-taker’s ability to improve paragraph structure. Many of the passages on the PSAT resemble critical reading questions. Unfortunately, many test-takers focus all of their energy on reading comprehension, instead of their PSAT writing skills. Focus on making sense of the passage as a whole. EduNova offers a comprehensive student success system for students who wish to perfect their study skills which will in turn help their PSAT essay writing ability.

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