Middle school organization is fundamental, because it can determine how successful students become during their middle school career. The challenges students face in middle school are quite different from elementary and educators are now beginning to prep students very early for high school and college. Some advanced middle school students begin taking higher level classes in middle school. New students need to pay special attention to middle school organization tips. Organizing activities for middle school students in the beginning can save time and help ensure a successful transition into middle school.

Binder Organization Ideas

Binder organization for middle school is important; students are often taking several classes on different subjects and binders can help to better organize notes, homework, and papers. Students should have separate, color-coded binders and three or more folders for each class. For instance, designate a thin blue binder and matching blue folders for math class and a red binder with red folders for English. Other classes may include history, social studies, music, science, reading, technology, home economics and creative arts.

Middle school organization tips go beyond the basics that were commonly taught in primary school. Students are required to take on a lot of responsibility and remember due dates. Some students prefer having one large binder with tabs that separate each subject. This can work well in the beginning, but students may want to move to the separate binder system as their work load increases. This can help students fine tune their assignments because a history binder might include a variety of different assignments that students may want to keep separate within the binder. A history teacher might assign group assignments, journal writing, activity sheets and other types of assignments. Keeping each assignment category within a class separate is a more detailed form of binder organization for middle school.

Organization Activities and Additional Tips

Organization activities for middle school students also include finding places for all their notes, since note taking is required in most classes in middle school. Organization tips also include having a separate notepad for each class and keeping all notes there, or putting the notes inside a folder that matches up with a particular class. Students can designate a labeled folder specifically for notes. Color coding helps students keep the correct folders with the correct binders or separated within one large binder. It’s vital to combine note organization with binder organization for middle school students.

Organization tips for middle school students also involve calendar organization. Students should have their own calendar to use for writing down assignment deadlines and dates for extracurricular activities. Kids can use a standard calendar or they keep their information on an electronic calendar. Educators and parents can get involved in organization activities for middle school students by showing them how to properly use the calendar. Teach kids how to organize assignments on the calendar to match the color of the binder for the subject. For instance, all math assignments will be written on the calendar in blue and all creative arts assignments are written in purple. These organization tips for middle school students can help improve academic performance as long as your child takes action and works hard. Middle school organization is only a tool. Students still need make the effort to keep their system organized and put forth effort in all areas of study.

Students can also stay organized by writing out a daily assignment sheet that corresponds with the information on their calendar. Students, who have a big project due in two weeks, might want to write a task for the project down every day on the daily task list. For instance, a student may want to write “work on rough draft for the bluebird project for 20 minutes.” Using the calendar and assignment sheet together are great organization tips for middle school students who take their education seriously.

Middle school organization can get kids motivated to put forth their best effort at school. Taking the time to organize is enjoyable and it helps prepare kids for school by creating a map of what is expected in their head. Find out which classes your child is taking in advance, so you can help him get organized before the big day. Sometimes you can get the class syllabus in advance, but if not, you can always buy extra folders and materials after school has started. Teachers usually have a light curriculum during the first week of school.