Knowing how to take notes in high school is necessary to interpreting, organizing, and summarizing information. In a typical high school classroom, students learn through various note taking methods. For high school students, these methods include listening to lectures given by teachers, homework practice, and reading from textbooks. With all of these methods, however, the information may filter into the brain, but it does not necessarily stick. To retain new information students need to be taught effective note taking skills. For high school students especially, note taking is a critical part of the learning method. It is a skill that is useful in every type of class including history, science, foreign language, and mathematics.

When learning note taking methods for high school instruction, students have to learn how to get organized before they actually start to take notes. Having a 3-ring binder needs to be part of a student’s note taking strategies. For high school students these binders are flexible, allowing students to easily add handouts and other study material directly to the binder. Binders are also useful because loose-leaf paper can easily be rearranged and dividers can be used to organize information by subjects to improve note taking skills. For high school students, it is also important to pay attention to readability. If the notes are illegible, they are of no use to the student. Use of different colored pens, pencils, and highlighters can also help to break down information.

What is the point of taking notes in high school? Notes are used to write down important information. To learn how to do this, students benefit from learning some basic note taking tips. For high school students, start by utilizing active listening skills when the teacher is giving a lecture, then be selective in determining what to write down focusing on including key points. Dates of important events, names of individuals, definitions, and pros and cons of an issue are all types of information emphasized in note taking skills. For high school students in history class, this might mean that students taking notes on World War II, might include data on the countries involved, statistics on deaths, weapons used, and the outcome of the war. A discussion of movies on World War II, however, is not likely to be of any use when studying.

Among the note taking tips for high school students to remember, it is vital that they do not substitute notes taking during class as their only means of learning the material, this applies to students at all grade levels in high school. Notes should, instead, be used when reviewing the information in the textbook. Information that is emphasized in both notes and the textbook is likely major elements that teachers will include in testing material. To clearly understand material, students may also want to include a section on their notes for questions they have and want to review with their instructors at a later date.

Being able to write as fast as the teacher also falls within the category of essential note taking tips. For high school students keep up by using a voice recorder and simply replay the lecture to fill in any information that may have been missed during class. This can also be a useful strategy for keeping up if students are suffering with mobility issues or disabilities that make it difficult to do a lot of classroom writing. Other note taking strategies for high school students include using abbreviations and symbols or developing shorthand to take notes faster.

If students are not able to take notes by hand at all or just do not like this option, consider other note taking methods. For high school students, many are very advanced with using all types of technologies including computers and smartphones. Some students might take notes in class then retype them to make them easier to read and study. Storing notes in a word processor will also allow students to perform searches to look up specific facts. Notecards are another part of being taught how to take notes. In high school, students have to develop longer attention spans to prepare for the longer class time and more difficult coursework that they will be processing in college. While building up to this level of note taking, strategies for high school students also include turning notes into flashcards to help with memorizing facts.

So just how can students improve their note taking abilities while in high school? Notes and summaries can be learned with help from the right educators. Passionate teachers who utilize an award-winning system certain to get results will mean students take well-organized notes that can help them in processing information and getting better grades. Visit the following resources for more information on how to take notes in high school.