Introduction to the MCAT Verbal Reasoning Test

Getting ready to take the MCAT? Don’t forget about the MCAT Verbal section! The MCAT Verbal section is easily overlooked, but it is just as important as the other parts of the MCAT test battery. As you may already know, the MCAT is a critical part of applying to medical school: Virtually all pre-med students take the MCAT, and almost all medical schools throughout the United States require it in order to consider your candidacy. While many people focus on the Biology and Physical Sciences tests, it is just as important to seek out MCAT Verbal tips and effective MCAT Verbal strategies. Why? The Verbal and Writing sections are considered key to evaluating your ability to analyze a problem and communicate in writing, both vital within the medical profession!

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MCAT Verbal Reasoning Test Format

Like most of the other sections of the MCAT, MCAT Verbal is a multiple choice test. Most MCAT Verbal tips and MCAT Verbal strategies start with good fundamental test taking skills. For example, do easy questions first; return to hard questions after you have completed the entire section. Likewise, try to eliminate answers that are clearly inappropriate before selecting from the smaller subset of probable answers. All in all, the MCAT Verbal test includes 40 multiple choice questions to be completed in 60 minutes. When you approach this part of the test, realize that the reading involved means you will have only about a minute per question if you are a fast reader!

MCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips: Preparing for the MCAT Verbal Reasoning Test

Unlike the rest of the MCAT, MCAT Verbal strategies will be very similar to the kinds of tactics you used on earlier standardized tests like the ACT and SAT verbal sections. If you are familiar with these tests, you already know some useful MCAT Verbal tips. Although many verbal reasoning questions will make use of social science-related questions, you do not need to demonstrate any prior knowledge of these areas and should not use this kind of material to study. Instead, come up with the approach that works for you in a timed test taking environment. Practice tests can help you decide whether you perform better by reading a passage in full and then examining the questions, reading the questions first and then “hunting” for relevant details, or skimming the passage.

Special Considerations for Taking the MCAT Verbal Section

At first, it may seem like the Verbal section provides one of the most forgiving time limits in the entire MCAT test battery, which takes more than five hours to complete from beginning to end. However, this is an illusion and is one way that people fail to prepare for the test adequately. You need to be able to read a passage of 500 to 600 words within a matter of only a few seconds, with high comprehension, to have time to devote to answering your questions successfully. As a result, many experienced testers say that one of the most important MCAT Verbal Reasoning tips is to take a speed reading course. This is also very helpful in the Physical Sciences section.

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Conclusion: The Best MCAT Verbal Reasoning Tips Come From Preparation

The Verbal Reasoning section of the MCAT is one of the most challenging to prepare for because your subject knowledge is not a factor in how you perform on the test. Critical thinking and reading comprehension are both very important, but it can be difficult to evaluate and practice these skills on your own. Even if you are an excellent reader, the actual test can still present surprises! The best way to be sure you will reach a score in line with your academic potential is to seek out a high quality test preparation service such as the Student Success System sold by EduNova. This will allow you to review all sections of the MCAT without having to spend valuable time gathering resources, rewriting notes, and “guessing” what’s most important.