Most kids do not instinctively know how to solve math word problems; instead, the skill of solving word math problems must be taught. Then once elementary school ends, kids find that the easy math word problems they have just gotten used to have gotten a lot more complicated. Elementary math mainly focuses on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Solving math word problems in middle school, however, focuses on areas such as percent, calculating income, factoring, and problems where students have to use logic to find order. To solve math word problems in high school and college, students need knowledge of logarithms, integers, trigonometry, and calculus.

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When students get help with math word problems they do not understand, they begin to increase their independence at solving these problems. This means that they not only understand how to solve math word problems to find the correct answer, they understand which problem solving strategies to use to get the correct answer. For instance, some word math problems require the use of calculators. To solve math word problems in some instances, however, may be easier using mental math.

As they are word problems, math is not the only focus. Students also need to have great reading comprehension skills to understand these problems. Instruction can help students grasp how the word problem can be simplified by translating into a numerical equation, using logical reasoning, double checking their work, and solving word math problems backwards. Such strategies help students to not only get the correct answer but actually process why this answer is correct. This logical and organized means of working will also help students to continue to succeed at solving math word problems even as they progress through high school and college. At these levels, the complexity of the problems gets harder and requires more steps to find the right answer.

Once they reach a new grade level and are faced with more difficult math word problems, even students who have previously had help with math word problems, may need a refresher course Expert teachers are preferred for helping kids learn how to solve math word problems because they are better able to explain the best strategies for working with these word problems. Math help from experts and software programs such as those offered by Edu Nova also focus on reducing the time needed to complete problems and taking notes. For students and parents trying to guarantee their academic future, getting help will mean doing better on end of grade and standardized tests.

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Expert teachers’ help children understand that math word problems are nothing to fear. Even though they may initially feel scared when solving math word problems, knowledgeable help from takes away the uncertainty, stress, and confusion that students experience when they try to solve math word problems. To make sure students get the help with math word problems that they need, successful systems utilize multiple strategies including workbooks that students can use to work out problems in and practice. Successful systems also use study guides, and targeted exercises focusing on skills proven to help with teaching math word problems. Research has shown that, with the right assistance, students can quickly become more competent at solving word problems. Math resources provided here provide more general information on understanding and solving math problems.