How hard is it to get into medical school? According to reports, the general acceptance rate for medical schools in the United States was about 50 percent in 2010. In this light, many aspiring physicians wonder how to get into medical school. What are the requirements to get into medical school? Here are some tips.

Making the Decision

Before you anticipate how to get into med school, you should spend some time to ponder seriously about the decision to become a doctor. Think about your motivation, your personality, job responsibilities, the cost of education, and other factors. Surely, it’s important to know how to get into medical school but it’s equally important to know that you are prepared to complete your education and grow in your career.

Building Your Academic Profile

When you are looking at the requirements to get into medical school, you will realize that academic excellence is a prerequisite. It’s expected because the coursework in medical school is among the most challenging so you should know how hard is it to get into medical school. According to the AAMC, an estimated 90 percent of all applicants with over 39 MCAT and undergraduate GPA of 3.8 get accepted into medical schools. However, there is no fixed formula on how to get into med school because each school has its specific admission requirements. Some schools consider factors such as the difficulty of the student’s major and the competitive level of the college.

Clinical Experience

One of the main requirements to get into medical school is clinical experience. Explore the various options where you can get some clinical experience because it reflects your desire and commitment in pursuing a career as a physician. Try to sign up for a formal premedical program where you can spend some time around physicians or volunteer at your local hospital or clinic. With clinical experience, your chances of getting accepted into a medical school will be enhanced.

Submitting Your Application

Now that you have built a sparkling academic profile, and you have acquired some clinical experience along with glowing letters of reference plus other documents, you are ready to submit your application to the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). This is a vital step in the process of how to get into medical school. Make sure you submit the application as early as possible because it can take up to six weeks for AMCAS to verify and review your application. Generally, applications to medical school are accepted by AMCAS beginning June 1st and the earlier you send in your application, the better.

The Interview

When a school calls you for an interview, it means that you are closer to your dream of getting into the school. Yet, some applicants fail at this stage, mainly because they don’t prepare themselves well enough. While applicants with higher emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills will usually perform well in interviews, the schools are not exactly looking for the greatest speakers. Typically, the interview is relatively relaxed and the interviewer wants to determine if you have the necessary characteristics and qualities to fit into the school. Take some time to practice your speech and make a clear impression of your experiences, goals, and motivations.

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