Getting into a good college is not just about your grades (although good grades are sure to help). Good colleges look for applicants who are well-rounded. Getting into any college and earning a degree is especially important in today’s world because there is a lot of competition for jobs and many require a college degree. The first step toward your future career is to know how to get into college and be successful while there.


One important thing to consider regarding how to get into a good college is the types of classes you take. Getting a 4.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) will not get you into a good college by itself. Grades are very important in the application process but colleges also look at what classes you take in high school. Most high schools offer advanced courses that will challenge you more and prepare you better for college level classes. Good colleges want to see that you work hard and are not just taking easy courses so you can get all A’s. It is more important that you take an advanced math or science class and get a B than take the non-advanced class and receive an A. Steps to get you into college always include good grades. Yet how good the grades need to be truly depends on the colleges you are applying to. You probably won’t get into Harvard or Yale with mediocre grades but you could possibly get into a local state university or a community college.

ACT and SAT Testing

Steps to get into college always include taking the ACT and/or SAT exams. You typically cannot get into college without taking at least one of them. These tests help college admission staff to predict how well you will do in your first year of college. They also provide a uniform means of comparing applicants from all over the world. Colleges located in the Midwest used to require you take the ACT test while east, west and northeastern colleges preferred you take the SAT. Most schools today will accept either exam. Many students now prefer to take the ACT. There are some differences between the two tests. The SAT is not solely multiple choice questions and there is a guessing penalty. The ACT does not penalize you for guessing and is multiple choice. The SAT exams test you more on vocabulary than the ACT’s. The ACT exams test you more on English grammar. The ACT exams include a Science reasoning section as well as trigonometry while the SAT’s do not. The SAT exams also have an experimental section while the ACT exams do not. Keep in mind also that there is an SAT I Reasoning Test in addition to several SAT II Subject Tests. Also remember that you can take practice tests, study exam preparation books and can retake the tests to better your scores. Improving your study skills will allow you to get better grades on these tests that are essential for college admission. If you need help improving your study skills, EduNova offers the Most Complete Student Success System which has been proven to increase grades.

Extracurricular Activities

In order to determine how to get into college you also need to look at your extracurricular activities. Everything you do helps. Sports, student government, the school newspaper, clubs, band, choir and volunteer work are all examples of extracurricular activities that help you to be a well-rounded person. They show that you have other interests in addition to education and are not totally obsessed with only getting good grades. They also show that you will find ways to meet other people and really become involved in your college experience. Another of the steps to get into college involves taking years of a foreign language. The ability to communicate with people from all over the world has dramatically improved so knowing a foreign language is more important than ever. Many high schools have a foreign language requirement anyway in order to receive a high school diploma. It is important to know both how to get into college as well as how to get into a good college if that is what you truly desire.