It’s no secret that competition for places in business school has gone up over the years. In fact, the competition is so intense that only a small percentage of applicants get accepted into the top business schools. At Stanford, only about 5 percent of applicants are accepted and only about 10 percent of applicants are admitted into the Harvard Business School. Looking at these numbers and trends for business schools, many people are wondering how to get into business school. What are the requirements to get into business school?

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Is it Right for You?

A degree or an MBA from a well-known business school can set you off on a high-flying career. However, not everybody can be successful in this competitive field. Before you think about how to get into business school or how to get an MBA, take some time to research and ponder whether you have the characteristics and personality to establish a career in business. Whether you aspire to become a CEO, CFO, manager, marketing consultant or entrepreneur, you have to be sure that it’s what you want to be doing. The cost of a good business education is high and the workload is heavy so it’s important to stay motivated.

Undergraduate Business School

If you are a high school student, you may be thinking about how to get into business school at the undergraduate level. The selection criteria varies from one college to another so there’s really no 100 percent formula about how to get into business school. Generally, you will need to have excellent academic results which are reflected in your GPA and SAT or ACT scores. In the top business schools, the average GPA of applicants can be quite high but the schools also look at other factors like communication skills, leadership potential, ambition, diversity, letters of recommendation, and compatibility. Do you have a particular school in mind? To get into business school, you should check out the prerequisites and requirements for that program.

MBA Program

Are you wondering how to get into MBA program at a top business school? Some people go for an MBA after they get a bachelor’s degree but other MBA applicants have some work experience. The selection standard for MBA students is more complicated than that for undergraduate business students. To be admitted to a top MBA program, you have to show academic excellence so your undergraduate GPA and GMAT score must meet the school’s criteria. Other than your academic performance, other factors that are considered include your work experience, essays, interview, letters of recommendation, and more. Again, there is no 100 percent formula that shows you how to get an MBA from the best business schools. Some applicants may not have such stellar academic results but they have extraordinary business experience. The strengths and potential of each MBA applicant will be analyzed before the final decision is made. To understand more about how to get into MBA programs of a particular school, it’s necessary to find out the requirements.

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