Critical reading skills play an important role in the success of a student. A student who has excellent critical reading skills is able to evaluate a piece of writing as he or she reads. Also, a critical reader asks questions about the validity of facts in a written piece. In short, a critical reader is the opposite of a passive reader. Critical reading skills help students to figure out the meaning behind a piece of writing. This skill can be especially helpful to a student when answering essay questions on an exam. The following takes a closer look at what students can do to improve critical reading skills.

How to Improve Critical Reading Skills

A large part of developing critical reading skills involves learning how to ask questions about a piece of writing. For instance, someone teaching critical reading skills to a group of students asks them to read a newspaper story about a candidate for a political office. A student who is working on developing critical reading skills creates questions as he or she reads. For instance, the student may ask if the author has any motives for writing the article. If so, the author may be presenting biased information about the candidate. Another question may concern the validity of the facts within the article. Can they be verified by other sources? After answering these questions and others, a student is able to determine whether the newspaper story is factual as well as objective. A student who is developing critical reading skills learns not to automatically accept the information in piece of writing.

A student who is trying to improve critical reading skills looks at whether the conclusions in a written piece are logical. Does the author put forth facts to support his or her theories? A piece of writing that is full of illogical ideas shouldn’t hold much credibility with readers. A student who is working on improving critical reading skills must learn how to determine whether the information in a piece of writing is logical.

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Oftentimes, one of the main points of an instructor who is teaching critical reading skills involves researching the credibility of an author. Someone teaching critical reading skills may ask students to look at some other writing done by the author. Does he or she appear to have a bias about a particular subject? The process of improving critical reading skills requires that students question the motives of an author. After determining an author’s level of objectivity, a student who is trying to improve critical reading skills can look at the substance of the writing.

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