Speaking in front of people is an essential skill. Yes, that’s right a skill! It isn’t a superpower or some innate ability, it’s something that can be learned and taught. If the thought of standing in front of your peers and giving a class presentation makes you quiver with fear; you’re not alone. Giving a presentation can be frightening. You might be wondering how to do a class presentation. With practice and skill building tools, you can ensure you make a stellar presentation.

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School Presentation

It can be overwhelming when you think about how to do a presentation in class. School presentations can cause anxiety. But remember successful students have skills and tools that help them deliver an impressive school presentation. Education systems like the MCS3 will provide proven techniques to build presentation skills.

How to do a Class Presentation

So you’ve been assigned to do a school presentation. Now you’re wondering how to do a presentation in class; where to start? What if I forget what I’m saying? These are normal fears. The best thing to do is work on presentation techniques:

Write down key points on note cards color code.

Glance at notes if you get lost or forget.

Keep your presentation simple; uncomplicated and concise is the way to go.

Try to stop worrying about how to do a class presentation, and focus on practicing! Remind yourself that this is a skill, it isn’t magic. You need systems and time to improve.

Middle School Presentation

Middle school students are beginning to work on presentation skills. Take advantage of the opportunity to practice and get better during your class presentation. It is best to work on the format of a middle school presentation. The best way to make a middle school presentation is by first focusing on the topic. Ask yourself a few questions:

What is the main point of the topic?

What is the purpose of this presentation?

What kind of impact should this class presentation have?

A presentation is not the same as an essay; do not read an essay aloud in lieu of a presentation. Instead, focus on the purpose, define key points, and at the end summarize what was covered. A middle school presentation should help you to begin organizing your thoughts.

High School Presentation

High school students should have had experience working on the format of a class presentation. Once the format is down work on mastering your presence during a high school presentation. Presence and delivery make a huge impact on how others respond to your presentation. Now is the time to work on improving your confidence. It helps if you study someone who is an excellent presenter; watch how they deliver information. These people are making direct eye contact, they’re well versed in their material, and they use a loud and clear speaking voice. These are skills that can be mastered. Practice in the weeks leading up to your presentation, focusing on your delivery will improve your high school presentation.