Many high schools offer the opportunity for students to enroll into Advanced Placement (AP) programs, a curriculum that challenges students at an undergraduate level. Students who pass their AP exams with high enough scores earn college credits. Advanced Placement courses equip high school students with the experience to succeed in college. High school students who choose to register for AP courses will stand out in the admission process, remain ahead of their peers in college, and learn under the most dedicated and skilled teachers in the world. In fact, students report feeling a different vibration upon entering an AP classroom. AP classrooms challenge students to engage in discussions, solve problems in groups, and learn to write clearly for a target audience.

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AP classmates develop a passion for learning a variety of subjects, including Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biological Science, English, Sociology, Psychology, College Algebra, Calculus, and foreign languages. AP classes enable high school students to learn more about numerous subjects that may become the forefront of their career. In addition, AP classes help students acquire the necessary skills and habits to succeed in college. Students report improvement in their writing skills, problem-solving aptitude, time management skills, and self-discipline.

Students can enroll into AP classes by talking to their high school’s AP Coordinator and other overseeing faculty. Curious students need to show ambition to qualify for enrollment into AP courses. Students can accomplish this task by expressing their interest in college level courses, and asking questions about how they can prepare for the curriculum involved in their course of study to successfully pass their AP exams. Home school students can arrange to take an AP exam at a participating high school. The AP Coordinator should guide the student to successfully passing their AP exam. Outside of school faculty, students can seek the assistance of a private tutor to fully understand the material before scheduling to take an AP exam.

High school students who have become fluent in a foreign language can register to take one of the many advanced placement exams available for those want to earn their college credit. A foreign language advanced placement exam evaluates a test taker’s knowledge of the social, cultural, and academic aspects of a specific communication course. Students can improve their competency in a foreign language by implementing a host of study materials. EduNova offers the best solution for mastering the core curriculum to pass their advanced placement exam, such as printable guidebooks with relevant illustrations and examples, workbooks, audiobooks, and compact e-Book formats for mobile electronic devices.

Students can prepare the night before they take their advanced placement exam by gathering several educational materials, including No. 2 pencils, Scantron sheets if not already provided, AP-approved calculators, wristwatches, and rulers. Students should also gather their personal information before taking their advanced placement exams, such as their six-digit school code, social security number, and government-issued identification number. Students should also bring their SSD Student Accommodation Letters if the College Board granted them extended time or another testing accommodation. Students should refrain from bringing electronic equipment, such as cell phones, tablet computers, and portable listening devices. In addition, the College Board forbids unapproved aids, such as books, compasses, white-out fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, notes, and colored pencils. Other blacklisted items include noise producing watches, scratch paper, laptops, food, beverages, and references guides.

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