Are you looking for information on the ACT exam? Wondering what you should be doing for ACT test prep? Or searching for the best ACT test tips to help you get the highest grades? If so, then you are in the perfect place! The ACT test stands for the American College Test. Thousands of universities throughout the United States use this entrance exam to find the perfect students for their school. An ACT test is a standardized test that measures a student’s testing ability and academic achievement in high school. At EduNova, we want you to do great on the ACT test and our Most Complete Student Success System will help to improve your study skills! Below you will find some of our best tips on how to get a high score, study well, and the best way to prepare. That’s not all though, understanding the format and the scores of the test will also help you feel prepared to succeed.

There are two forms of this exam: the official ACT test and the official ACT Plus Writing. They each have four multiple choice portions: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The only difference between these two exams is that the ACT Plus Writing test includes a 30 minute writing portion. In this section, your writing skills and ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas are thoroughly graded. The English portion of the ACT exam will consist of 75 questions and you will have 45 minutes to complete them. The mathematics section will be made up of 60 questions in which you will have 60 minutes to finish. You will be able to use a calculator in during this section. The reading section is one of the shorter sections and you will only have 45 questions and exactly 35 minutes to complete this portion. Lastly, the science section will consist of 40 questions and you will have 35 minutes to finish. Knowing the format of the test is a great way to begin your ACT test prep. Before you take the test you want to know as much about it as possible; this will help ease your anxiety and relax your nerves. Now, let’s talk for a minute about ACT test tips.

Before you take your first attempt at the ACT test, be sure to do as many practice exams as possible. Follow the exact time allotted; even the breaks given. Working on decreasing the amount of time it takes you to finish each section will give you a clue into how fast you should be pacing yourself throughout the ACT exam. Don’t think that the ACT test prep only involves taking practice tests. Attending class on a regular basis and getting grades throughout your academic career will ultimately help you do better on an ACT test than without doing those little things. There are also great ACT test tips that you can do the actual day you take the test. First, make sure that you read everything extremely carefully. Don’t start answering something until you understand what they are asking. Next, make sure that you pace yourself throughout the whole exam. Don’t spend too much time on one question, and miss completing others. Make sure that you come prepared! You can never have too many pencils, erasers, or a couple functioning calculators. The last thing you want to think about is what if my pencil breaks and I don’t have another one. Lastly, make sure that you answer every single question even if you don’t know the answer. Your grade is based on your correct answers so your wrong answer will not be graded against you.

Now that you have a good understanding of what is involved in taking the ACT test it’s up to you to put it into practice. The ACT exam is a very important part of getting into a good college and ultimately beginning a great career. If you’re not a good test taker, don’t give up. Practice as much as you can and remember that your ACT score is not the only thing that an college admissions counselor looks at. There are so many factors such as your extracurricular activities, community involvement, and overall GPA that go into your college application. Just remember to work hard throughout your entire high school career and be involved.

Take a look below to learn more about the ACT test and find wonderful tips on how you can prepare.