Introduction to the ACT Science Section

Looking for ACT Science tips? The ACT Science section is a test that quizzes you on your ability to reason scientifically. The test does not require a great deal of prior knowledge about specific areas of science, but your ACT Science prep strategy should involve a review of basic reasoning skills that are used in science classes. The ACT Science test is valued in situations where you may be applying to major in areas like Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences, and Physics. If this describes you, it’s a good idea to do ACT Science prep and take this test. Depending on your proposed major, other standardized tests may suit you better.

ACT Science Section Format

One of the most important ACT Science tips has to do with the test’s structure. It is presented as a set of 40 multiple choice questions. These 40 questions are spread out among seven passages; each passage includes text and scientific data for you to interpret. The questions focus on the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics; however, you do not necessarily need to have taken all of these classes to succeed. Instead, you need the skill to apply scientific thinking and reasoning, such as the ability to interpret charts and graphs that depict scientific information. The tools you need to answer the questions are provided for you in the passages.

Preparing for the ACT Science Test

Even though ACT Science strategies do not require you to have taken all the science electives available to you, ACT Science prep will usually be better if you are able to take two or three science courses before it is time to take the ACT. ACT Science strategies revolve around being able to read and interpret the data quickly. When you take the ACT, you will not encounter any material that is not taught sometime between grades 7 and 12. Some students try to get ACT Science tips from older relatives or other students who take the test before them, but it is a better idea to study from textbooks or specialized test preparation materials

ACT Science Tips: Special Considerations for Doing Well

When you take the ACT Science exam, you’ll be required to complete 40 questions in 35 minutes. When you include the time it takes to read and interpret a passage, you have much less than one minute for every test. One of the most important ACT Science tips is this: There is no penalty for guessing! Answer every question and do so to the best of your ability without having to review the passage again. When you understand the basic idea of the question, your first choice will often be right; but if you complete the test with time to spare, you can review questions you are less sure about.

Doing Well With ACT Science Means Good Preparation

The ACT Science Test is one of the most important standardized tests you can take if you plan to pursue a science-related major in college. Because you will usually only have one opportunity to schedule and take the test, it’s a good idea to use a structured academic improvement program as part of your test preparation. This can provide you with the ACT Science strategies you need to complete this test and do well within the very strict time limit!