Find out if your child is indeed ready for success by taking our success readiness test. Simply read each question and rate your child’s ability in the area addressed on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being completely lacking and 5 being ideal. Be as honest as possible in your evaluation in order to receive an accurate assessment. After you answer all the questions, your child’s level of success readiness will be calculated and available to you.

1. How would you rate your child’s ability to approach school activities and assignments with a positive attitude and confidence? Is your child persistent or does he/she give up easily?
2. Does you child know how to set goals? Are these goals specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound? Does your child create an action plan to achieve their goals?
3. Is your child motivated and proactive and complete activities before deadlines or does he or she procrastinate?
4. Does your child have a positive self image? Does your child identify with success, mediocrity, or failure? Does your child take pride in a job well done or chastise him or herself often?
5. How would you rate your child’s ability to prioritize tasks? Does he/she become easily overwhelmed by a lengthy to-do list, or is your child capable of easily determining which task on the list needs to be accomplished first and why?
6. How well does your child manage time? Does he/she remain focused on the task at hand and use time wisely, or is your child easily distracted? Does your child try to juggle multiple things at the same time and compromise the quality of his or her deliverables?
7. How proficient is your child at making decisions about school and relationships? Does he/she depend on others to make decisions, or is your child decisive?
8. Is your child action oriented? Does you child know how to act on a decision he/she makes and then follow it through to completion?
9. Can your child manage stressful situations? Does he/she become easily frustrated and anxious, or is your child able to deal with stress in a positive way and even use it to his/her advantage?
10. Does your child know of and practice stress reduction techniques regularly?
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