Emotional Intelligence is an ability to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, and of others. This EQ, or Emotional Quotient test is designed to measure your Emotional Intelligence. Research has shown that emotional intelligence is two times more important in contributing to success than intellect and expertise alone.
Find out how emotionally intelligent you are. Simply determine how each of the following statements applies to you. After you answer all the questions, your EQ will be calculated and available to you.

1. While there are some things I want to change, I generally like who I am.
2. I feel uncomfortable in emotionally charged situations.
3. I tend to avoid confrontations, When I am involved in a conflict I become extremely anxious.
4. I am aloof and detached until I get to know someone.
5. I overreact to minor problems.
6. I am a good judge of character.
7. I am relaxed and composed under pressure.
8. I can’t focus and get lost in unimportant details and procrastinate.
9. I admit to making mistakes without being ashamed.
10. I can see and recognize other people’s emotions, moods and feelings.
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