Find out how creative you are. Simply answer each question to rate your creative quotient and your ability to think outside the box. Answer just 10 questions in the various areas to understand your creativity level. If you are doing this with your child encourage them to make creative choices to solve problems, ask open ended questions and create a non-judging environment in which “out of the box” ideas are safe.. After you answer all the questions, your creativity level will be calculated and available to you.

1. Think of all the creative ways in which you can use a simple balloon. Don’t hold back, the more the better.
2. Close your eyes and imagine a rainbow, how many colors do you see?

3. Which activity interests you the most?

4. What do you do when the bathroom mirror fogs up?

5. List all the things this figure could represent
6. What would you rather be on Halloween?

7. What is or was your ideal play place?

8. If you could pick one thing to keep you occupied on an island for a week without any additional recreation items, what would it be?

9. What do you think of when you see the letters “EIO”?

10. Which kind of books do you like best?